Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thoughts from a bridesmaid's story

Watched 27 dresses yet?
It's a romantic comedy. One of those where one doesn't need to think too much, is reassured of a happy ending and fuzzy warm feelign at the end of it.
;) don't mean to be cynical. I like this genre pretty well. It does wonders to help one unwind and relax at the end of a tense day. So, on a rainy evening, curled up at home and watched this particular movie.
Is it possible that sometimes we want something so badly that the thing that we need is passing in front of us, yet we're blinded and can't see it?
Or is it possible that sometimes we think this is what we need but the very thing that we need is right in front of us?
Or maybe we don't even know what we need or what we want?
What a laugh!

On an unrelated note, I want to give thanks to God because a part of what I've been fasting for has been answered, and answered beyond my wildest expectations or what I could even dream of.
A friend who has been diagnosed with uterus cancer was to have the operation some time this week. She has had it. BUT BUT...I just found out today that it is only the lining of her uterus that has been removed not the whole uterus.
Which means she has a chance of becoming a mother! I'm so, so glad that the doctors are taking a chance with her. I think the risks are obvious. But I will continue to pray for her. I hope she gets married and have babies. Yes, that's a plural! LOL...
Thank you, all who prayed.

Now...I am still fasting, and praying...hopefully the rest of the parts will also come true.

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